BlackCurve is a pricing software company.  The cloud-based software helps ecommerce companies find the optimal price for their goods or services through advanced pricing algorithms and machine learning. 

Leading companies such as Merck, Silmid, Ribble Cycles, Cleverboxes, Appliance House and Whitecroft Lighting trust BlackCurve's advanced pricing software to fuel their business growth and stay ahead of the competition.

This allows companies to implement advanced pricing rules, model the potential impact of these rules, and analyse pricing performance on an ongoing basis, to get to the optimum selling price for all goods or services.

Also, the powerful pricing software gives ecommerce companies the ability to uncover competitors pricing strategy and automate pricing for an entire product range.

Philip Huthwaite is the Founder and CEO of BlackCurve. 

The word ‘black’ was borrowed from the banking term ‘you’re in the black’ meaning your bank account has a positive cash balance. The word ‘curve’ symbolises how the company’s software will help businesses increase their profitability.

What started out as an idea in September 2015, saw the company join the Accelerator Academy in late 2015. The company was prodded, tweaked and improved, and by March 2016 BlackCurve was incorporated.

The company launched in October 2016 and received £500k seed investment in February 2018. The seed investment was led by Mercia Fund Managers, alongside Nick Kingsbury, a software entrepreneur and investor.